Monday, 5 March 2012

Appetite for Destruction

Day 31 and I think we've finally demolished everything we can.  Now that I've found my camera again, I can get caught up with documenting the extent of destruction.  The biggest changes are on the main floor which has been reduced to a basic shell.  So far, the house is treating us well with a few pleasant surprises and only a couple of things which need to be reworked.  For example, the newer window over the fireplace was apparently put in by people who are blissfully unaware of the laws of physics. 

We've opened up new doorways from the upstairs bedrooms to the 'Jack and Jill' bathroom, opened up the end wall to the bonus room and removed the entry level ceiling after realizing it had been dropped to allow 1976 vintage pot lights.  The cedar on the walls is gone as is the old gas fireplace and most of the cabinetry is removed except where plumbing fixtures are involved.  Removing the gypsumboard on the wall between the kitchen and dining has completely transformed the space.  

The house is filled with natural light as each room typically has light coming from at least two different directions.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it actually works when it's occupied.   And have I mentioned that this house is really big?!

This week the plumber and electrician are coming in to start their work, and framing of the new walls in the clinic are scheduled for Friday.  Just need to select some plumbing fixtures for the new bathrooms.  (Why do I keep hearing the sound of a cash register?).  Plus, we've decided to go with a high end kitchen after pricing out all the options.  We could've worked with a big box store, but the contemporary style of the house didn't mesh well with the current trend for 'I Want to Live in an English Manor House' wood cabinets.  And, as much as I love IKEA, they can't supply custom door fronts for the integrated fridge we bought on clearance.

Our neighbours are enjoying watching the work progress and we usually have visitors walking through the house several times a week.  Last week, the long-time residents across the lane, who were also kind enough to lend us a snowblower, brought the daughter of the former owners.   It was her brother, the architect, who designed the house in his twenties.  I was worried she'd be upset at all the changes, but she was happy to see what we've done and recounted many stories about how her parents had to deal with the whims of her brother (non-functional kitchen, raising dining room platform).  She also told us why the Family Room was sunken only 3" - the intent was to depress it a couple of steps but Chester forgot to provide enough clearance for the garage below.  Oops.

Here's more random pictures:

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