Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The End is Near?

Day 20 - surely, we must be nearing the end of the demolition process by now!  It seems every day we find something else to tear out.  As a method of procrastination, it's effective but sooner or later the rebuilding will have to start.

The plumber is scheduled to start work tomorrow as we're planning extensive renovations to the three existing bathrooms and have discovered a few other surprises.  The previous owner gets to pay for fixing some frozen pipes and we discovered some corroded copper drain lines in the suite kitchen. I don't think you're supposed to be able to pull entire trap assemblies out by hand, however manly you are. (Sorry Jean - couldn't resist!)
Last night, we started to tear out the first wall of cedar as we're opening up the end of the loft hallway to the bonus room.  Or, should I say 'rumpus room' to be correct (shout out to Aaron B. for pointing out my anachronistic reference on Facebook).  As with the new doorway from the clinic to the fitness room in the basement, we discovered it was already framed with a header so putting in a new door with sidelight should be easy.  Should be.  (I can already hear the Gods of Renovation Hell laughing at me.)

Demolition is also continuing in the main bath.  With the unusual interlocking floor levels, there's been a few surprises such as the ceiling structure of the basement bathroom extending under the main floor bathroom vanity.  What to do with the space above?  Art niche opening to the front hall?  Linen closet opening into the bathroom and powder room?  Vancouver sized bedroom?  What to do....what to do....?

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