Saturday, 8 December 2012

December already?

So, it's December and we've officially moved from the basement up to the main floor.  Of course there's a few things left to finish off - just little things like:
- hang doors
-install window coverings
-finish baseboards
-install new stairs and handrails/guardrails

However, despite having a few deficiencies we've had a few victories.  The kitchen has slowly been coming together although it was functional in late October so we could finally expand meal offerings from just cooking with microwave, BBQ and electric griddle.  I present the new kitchen...ta da!

Other victories have been getting the washrooms on the main and upper level functioning, although without doors it's a bit interesting.  We also are still working on the shower, so the only main floor washroom with a functioning toilet + sink can't be used for bathing, and none of them have any mirrors installed which makes hairstyling and makeup application interesting.  I'm sure my co-workers are wondering why I'm looking like three years old are running my glam squad. 

And our monstrous fireplace finally took form with last week's installation of the glulam mantel.  Luckily I was willfully ignorant of the simple math required to calculate the weight of a 12'-6" long x 5' thick x 2' deep chunk of glulam, which required the collective efforts of our tilesetter and AV equipment installer to help us move into place. 

And one last shot for posterity...guardrail installation in progress in the Great Room (the rest of the glulam wrapped in brown paper is for the stairs).