Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Let there be light(s)!

And thanks for all our faithful blog followers...on August 31st we achieved a massive spike in hits to this blog - eighteen!  Woo hoo!  I wonder whether that's enough for major sponsors to become interested? 

Well, once again a month has slipped by and progress has slowed to a crawl.  Jean and I are happily camping out in the clinic, cooking meals with an electric griddle, microwave and BBQ, and musing 'I wonder where we packed that' as we peruse our stuffed-to-the-ceiling storage room.  The shorter days are reminders just how long we've been working on this little project (7 months tomorrow, yeegads).

While we wait for mudding/taping and painting to be finished, we're putzing around on small projects like framing in the fireplace to make a space for display shelving, staining the deck, and installing lights in the rooms that have been painted so far.  I'm also trying to beat down the weeds in the garden and keep the windfall apples under control since we already have a well established ant population in the yard. 

A few recent photos of new bathroom and closet lights, prep for kitchen hood fan and deck with new stain and glass guardrail:

 And yesterday's project was framing in the shelving beside the fireplace.  There will be a glulam mantel with a waterfall edge down the left side.

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