Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sand Through an Hourglass

Time is very much on our minds these days. Not only does the renovation timeline count down, but the issue of having to balance work, life and family have all been brought into sharp focus lately. A time machine would be very helpful, but since neither of us are Time Lords, we’ll just have to muddle on as best we can.
Jean’s father passed away in the early morning hours of May 9th after struggling with end-stage pulmonary fibrosis brought on by exposure to asbestos as a young man. Losing a parent is devastating, but Jean’s father did it his way right to the end. He didn’t want his life prolonged with medical intervention, but waited just long enough for his family to gather from around the country so goodbyes could be said. His Celebration of Life was held Monday, May 14th and it was a heartfelt gathering of friends and family, tears and laughter.
Rest in Peace, Jean Marc. You will be missed.

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