Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Tear Down the Wall!

Apologies to Pink's the next monumental project - the removal of the partition between the kitchen and dining room.  Now that the dining room podium is gone, we have a better idea of how this area was built.  And, as mentioned in the previous post, we have a strange plywood sandwich since the podium was evidently built first, then the remainder of the wall built on top of the plywood subfloor.  Strange.  I guess the raised dining room platform was an integral part of the design and never intended to be removed.

Unfortunately the promised beam doesn't appear to exist, but the trusses over the kitchen should be supported by the outside wall and the beam which runs down the center of the house.  Should.  Where's an engineer when I need one?  Ah well, a bit more exploratory demolition should confirm how the kitchen area trusses are supported.

Now to find some kitchen appliances so we can finalize the design. 
Happy Valentine's Day, mon cher!

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