Friday, 10 February 2012

Demolition - end of Week 1.

A busy week at the house...we worked 6 out of 7 days, only taking a day off to celebrate a birthday.  I keep reminding myself that this is a marathon, not a sprint, so I don't need to get everything done thisveryinstantrightnowhurryup! 

So far, we've demolished:
- all floor coverings (carpet and underlay) except for the kitchen sheet flooring
- all baseboards
- all electrical faceplates and outlet covers
-  the ramp to the Family  Room
- the mirror tile around the wet bar
- started on the cedar around the living room columns
- the sauna benches, door and one wall of cedar panelling
- the linen closet in the main bath
- all closet fittings and doors
- scraped popcorn ceilings off the master bedroom and Family Room
- gwb cabinet in the loft hallway and at the base of the stairs
- the short curb and painted stickon floor tiles at the base of the stairs

We just tackled that last one at the end of the day yesterday, after we have already cleaned up and were ready to head home.  We've named the podium under the loft at the base of the stairs the 'Zen Garden' and have plans for a water feature, art niche and better lighting.  However, the floor level is the same as the main living/dining area and taking out the curb at the bottom of it has made a huge difference.  Score!
Now, we get to deal with the raised dining room platform, hack up a couple hundred pounds of iron handrail, scrape the rest of the popcorn ceilings and perhaps some exploratory demolition to confirm there's already a beam in place between the kitchen and dining room so the wall can come down.  Should be a fun weekend!

We might need a bigger boat, though.

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